Quality Control
Quality control is the process of comparing CAD data with STL data received from 3D Scan tool and general geometric differences such as collapse, rotation and deviation are determined and measurement report is created.
Measurement reports of the parts are an important part of today’s production world. Today, many companies receive quality control reports thanks to their interface programs. What is important at this stage is that the measured part is healthy measured within the intended nominal tolerances and the systems are within the calibration values.
The quality control process can be done with the help of CMM measurement machines. CMM Measuring Machines; These are the machines we can use to check the conformity of the parts according to the approved design at the end of the manufacturing process.
We can work on 3D data obtained through 3D Scan systems and 2 dimensional technical drawing in quality control projects. This allows you to see much more than the CMM Measurement Machine report. By ranking the results on a color scale, we are able to offer them in various reporting formats at the request of our customers.